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A major distributor of Indian AARTI in China

Product Type



Organic Chemical Materials
  Product Name Cas no. Detail
Fuseloil 8013-75-0 Detail>>
Cyclopentanol 96-41-3 Detail>>
n-Hexanol 111-27-3 Detail>>
Cyclohexanol 4354-58-9; 108-93-0 Detail>>
1-Nonanol 143-08-8 Detail>>
Decyl alcohol 112-30-1 Detail>>
1-Dodecanol 112-53-8 Detail>>
1-Tetradecanol 112-72-1 Detail>>
1-Hexadecanol 36653-82-4 Detail>>
1-Octadecanol 112-92-5 Detail>>
Mannitol 69-65-8 Detail>>
2-Bromoethanol 540-51-2 Detail>>
2-Iodoethanol 624-76-0 Detail>>
Furfuryl alcohol 98-00-0 Detail>>
Xylitol 87-99-0 Detail>>